4K UHD Blu-ray disc is a new type of Blu-ray disc that is not compatible with old drives (made before second half of 2015), just like BD XL didn't work with non XL drives.

In 2015, some LG drives got a new hardware design, a new front (bezel) and started to "see" the content of UHD discs: those were WH16NS40 and BH16NS40, with SVC NS50 on the label.They did not implement AACS2 protection, but they're good enough to work with DeUHD tool, called them UHD friendly. Because Asus is re-badging LG drives, they also got the update.So new drives of those older models are compatible with DeUHD (see the list below). To buy safer, just look outside North America and find the same drive sold as BH16NS55.

The best of this batch is the USB 3.0 drive called BE16NU50, recommended.

Most of the friendly drives have a bug: once the UHD disc is in, but it's not used for more than 2 minutes, the drive goes in standby mode and then it will not read the disc anymore.The easiest is to eject and re-load the disc. There will be a workaround for it in the near future.

Somewhere in 2016, new LG official UHD drives, implementing AACS2 protection, started with BU40N and BU50N. Buffalo released in Japan a re-badged BU40N, which is very stable and recommended. Finally, LG released their first internal official UHD drive in US, the WH16NS60, also recommmended.

Pioneer drives are not supported at the moment.

Final note: do not update your drive to any new firmware LG or Pioneer may release. If you do, your drive may not work with DeUHD anymore. Always check this page, before a firmware update and as long as your drive works with DeUHD, you simply don't need to update the firmware.

All UHD Blu-ray discs and all drives that can read them implement bus-encryption. Therefore, you cannot rip the disc with a third party tool, then use it in a virtual drive as source. That ISO will still have that drive-specific encryption on and will be useless. DeUHD tool works directly with the drive to decrypt both drive and AACS2 layers of encryption. If it will be a significant demand, then we will implement the rip to protected iso, which can be used with virtual drive, as source.

UHD official drives:

UHD friendly drives: